Monday, March 2, 2009

Cycling For A Cure is NOT finished YET!


I want you to know that Cycling For A Cure is not done raising funds for the John Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation! I am currently working on some new plans for other fundraisers and probably another ride (locally). I would love for any input that you all may have to share and can't wait for this to all come together.

Although John Kanzius has passed we must continue supporting the amazing work that he began. His work will one day save many people and we need to help it get to that point! I will begin to post updates on here regularly as to the things that happen with the research and with the possible fundraisers/ride coming together. Thank you for all your support and please, lets help beat this thing!

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Anonymous said...

Zach, I knew you were going to continue to raise moneyf or the cause. I will put my thinking cap on. Talk to Grama and see if she wants to do something. Forward this to Edie.
Love Jennifer