Friday, February 15, 2008

The Beginning

Hey Everyone,

This is the first blog of many to come. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Zach Dunbar and I am a senior at Erie First Christian Academy in Erie, PA. I was the captain of our basketball team and a member of our student council. I am also involved in some church groups throughout the Western Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church. Now enough about me...

I have been working on a trip to raise money for the John Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation. John Kanzius is an Erie local and has found a way that may possibly be the cure for cancer. He uses gold particles with radio waves and can attack only the cancerous cells to remove them.
The trip will consist of bicycling from San Francisco,CA to Erie,PA over the summer of 2008 and presenting John Kanzius' work with a hope that we might be able to raise enough money to help him reach his goal. I am doing this trip because without support from communities of people who care, his research would not be possible. If you want to learn more about his research I would suggest "googling" John Kanzius. Also if you are interested in the trip, please contact me via E-mail.


mamaH said...

what a SWEET website!!! Congratulations on getting this set up....and who is that lucky girl standing beside u??? ; )

Ben said...

I wish you the best with your "Cycling For A Cure" ride. I am proud that you desire to help raise funds for an alternative cure for cancer that has shown promise in testing.

This is quite an undertaking for you to take on, especially during the summer just before you go to college.

I have a teacher that has cycled across America two different times. I believe he averaged 80 to 100 miles per day. He did quite a bit of training and planning before he did his trips.

Watch out for the saddle sores!