Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sponsorship/Donation Update

Hello Everyone,

This is just an update on the trip, what has happened in the past few weeks, and what is to come in the future. We currently have raised $1150 in sponsorship for the trip and $400 in donations for the John Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation. This is just the start and hopefully those numbers will increase everyday.

As for what is to come, there will be some additional blogs over the next few days. One will be the letter that was sent out to many businesses and individuals asking for support. This will give you the information on the trip and information on how to help contribute. Also, I hope by the end of the month to have an itinerary for the trip.

I am really excited about the support we are getting and I hope that if you have any questions or suggestions you would leave a comment. If you decided you wanted to contribute and did not want to spend 41 cents on a stamp, you could travel to a Northwest Savings Bank around or in Erie and tell them you would like to contribute to the (Dunbar) Cycling For A Cure Fund. I appreciate everyones help and look forward to updating you on everything that is happening!

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