Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day 7-8: R&R and a breeze at our back

Day 7 (saturday) was our rest day in Carson City. We didn't really sleep in too much but were able to relax our muscles for a little while. Randy and I drove up to Virginia city and visited the cemetery and famous "ghost town". The veiw and the cemetery were the best parts. It was very much a tourist trap and not very interesting. I have some video clips and Pictures of everything. I hope to get them posted tonight but I am having some technical difficulty.

Day 8 (Sunday) we got back on the bikes and began to travel. As usual we had a late start but we're getting earlier. We hit the road at 9am this morning and traveled 60 miles to Fallon Nevada. Along the way there was desert and more desert. It wasn't bad though, the heat didn't pick up till almost our stopping point and we made great time with a helpful tailwind. We stopped about halfway at a little general store and got an iced tea and a snack. We then continued on to Fallon. We made Fallon at about 2:30 where we caught up with our friends Jerry and Lori. Jerry and Lori were talked about in a previous blog that did not post. Jerry is 65 and Lori 49, they are retired and live in Virginia Beach. They are proabably the best people we could've met up with. Ever since Fairplay we have kind of been chasing each other along the trail. Tonight we had dinner together and plan to continue the ride. We find safety in numbers. Plus, conversation with friends is a lot more fun than with strangers when all you have are strangers. If you want to see Jerry and Lori check out

I apologize for the lack of pictures. It has been difficult to get enough internet access to post them. As I said i do have video footage and photos of everything. I hope to post most of them later this evening. I think everyone will get a kick out of the pickup trucks with 50 caliber gun mounts in the beds. Redneck?

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