Monday, June 16, 2008

Day Three - Presque Isle

Today was a good day overall with a few bumps along the way. We got a late start, which isnt the best when its so hot. But we had to wait this morning for a few things that were being shipped into Davis for us. We did 70 miles again today and made it to Folsom. The ride was, once again, beautiful. Although, as my title reads, it was like riding Presque Isle. The advantage to the bike trail is that it was away from traffic and we didnt have to worry about cars. 15 miles outside of Davis is Sacramento. In Sacramento we accidentally stumbled upon the capitol building, where cyclists riding to Washington D.C. were rallying for childhood cancer. After leaving sacramento and getting all but about 15 miles from Folsom, Randy and I stopped for dinner. As we were riding back onto the trail after dinner Randy got a flat tire but there was no punture in the tube. So, after replacing the tube, Randy's brake was rubbing against his disc. which makes it not very good to ride. So, as lucky as we've been, there was a bike shop about 600 feet from where we were. After some minor adjustments, we were only about 40 minutes behind what our planned arrival time had been. Once we arrived in Folsom we found a place to stay and were starving! After frantically speed walking through the downtown area looking for a place open after 9, we finally found a place at 9:59 and the kitchen closed at ten. We had one minute to order. We did it! Now we are back for bed and it is 11:04 pm. Tomorrow we hope to arrive in Fairplay early enough to talk with some folk and see some sites. Today we did make some progress with talking to people and also recieved a generous donation from a cyclist who suffered from breast cancer.


Coach Kurt said...

Biking Buddies: Thanks for the call. It's great to hear from you. During Sunday's ride,I had to stop west of Ashtubla to pick 17 pieces of glass from both tires.My spare innertube was M.I.A.- everything held together - ENCOURAGING WORDS by Kurt - Todays little misshap can be tomorrow's big tale.

EdieB said...

Hi Zach,

I am keeping you in my thoughts & prayers for a safe ride home. EdieB