Sunday, June 15, 2008

Well we're on the ride and have traveled about 40 miles with 25 more to go. Its 90 degrees and not quite as flat as the map made it look. Its been beautiful riding so far, the weather and the view.


azurerains said...

Hello Zach!
You are truly an inspiration for all...This world needs more young people like you who really care about others!
I had to laugh at the " bushman"...It is the one & the same when we visited San Francisco over 10 years ago!
Best of luck on your adventure, enjoy the scenery...We really have some beautiful country out there! I use to live in Erie also but caught the travel bug...One thing is for sure, "There's no place like home!"
May God bless you on your trip & keep you safe!
Best Wishes,
Cheryl S.

Coach Kurt said...

Hey guys,the google satellite tracking system is awesome! I find it very reasuring to see your progress. However does this make me a stalker? Todays words of wisdom-keep the wind at your back!