Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July 15, 2008

Pueblo to eads...It wasn't a bad ride today but it did get warm kind of early in the day and then we rode all the way into a storm. It was a great day. We were back with Jerry and Lori and had a 60 mile ride. Jerry and I wanted to ride 20 more miles to town but Lori informed us that we were not stronger than mother nature. So, we all piled in the truck and had to watch the storm happen around us. When we got to town we found a small motel and a restaurant. Since there was only one place to eat we didn't have much of a choice. While eating dinner the storm hit town, HARD! All the locals came in for dinner hootin' and hollerin' because it was the first rain they had seen in a long time. Dinner was great after a long day and we headed to bed to go into another long flat day of riding.

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