Thursday, July 10, 2008

Karen's Challenge!

A special HI to all my friends who have been reading Zach's website!
Watching Zach and Randy ride up the mountains and riding 80 miles a day, I've determined they are both "well oiled machines". Zach is like "the Hulk" on a bike! Randy is the Engine that won't give up! It is so inspiring to see them biking across hot,hilly,rainy,cold,narrow,and busy roads with trucks,rv's,and cars whizzing past them as they ride on for Cancer Research! At the end of the day, the are hot, sweaty,have aching backs and shoulders, and are HUNGRY! I am SO PROUD of them and what they are doing! I have ridden 90 miles so far...Yay Karen! And they thought I couldnt do it :)

My Challenge is to all of you who have been reading along on the blogsite...My friends at Erie Home Health Care (yes,I got my treatment in Denver), Beulah Beach friends and ASBURY ALUMNI, Erie First Christian Academy, My coffee drinking buddies at Panera Bread, Pennbriar exercise friends, and Yes....Hamot Medical Center !!!
As we have been riding, we often think, we sure hope this is all worth it! Zach and Randy just biked 1200 miles for the John Kanzius Cancer Foundation. Have YOU donated to this worthy cause yet??? Have YOU told any friends or family about this trip and asked THEM to donate???

We have met some amazing people during our trip and have been able to share our story with them and they in turn, have donated $$$ to the research. A receptionist at the Luxor in Vegas, who's father has cancer, a husband and wife at a campsite who lost their 14 year old son to cancer, a lady who worked at a gas station in Nevada, and a young lady who we met in the lobby of a hotel, and a "harley couple" who's motorcyle had broken down and we offered them a ride! All these people offered us support and encouragement to keep going! We thank you soooooooo much!

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!! I am challenging everyone who reads this to send in a donation and help support the foundation and give us encouragement to continue to bike to Erie, Pa. ANY AMOUNT WILL HELP! WE APPRECIATE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU!

The guys are "chomping at the bit " (my old horse language that I miss...) for me to get moving and get outside. Another beautiful, sunny, day for us to enjoy all that God has created for us ! Love to you all....Karen

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