Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4, 2008

hey all,

Today was kind of a short ride before we head into a few days of no service in Utah. We are in Torrey, UT and had somewhat of a short day, mostly downhill. we have a 75-100 mile day tomorrow and then a 50-75 mile day sunday. I am kind of sad because to me the 4th of July is like Christmas! It is so dry out here that they cannot have fireworks. We have caught up to jerry and lori and will be having dinner with them this evening and continuing our ride with them tomorrow. Thanks for all your support! people are very receptive to what we have to say and we are hoping to make some big stops through colorado and the rest of the way home but the journey has definitely been through Nevada and Utah. Its hot and there's nothing. Utah is much prettier though. there are more trees in a five foot sqaure than in the whole state of Nevada. I will leave another post later this evening.

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