Wednesday, July 2, 2008

June 29th- Another long day

well, after our early waking and a 10 mile ride into the next small town we found a gas station. Randy loved this place, they had just brought out fresh made home made cinnamon roles (Randy ate TWO). after talking with the folks there were were informed that we had another 50 miles at least until service, this meant 15 miles up the mountain and then another 15 into what was nothing more than an abandoned ghost town to most but great shade to us. At this point we were in Utah and since Utah is mainly a mormon state everything is closed on sundays. 17 miles to go to the next town running a little low on water and what we did have was hot we were looking forward to the gas station that was to be there. After driving almost all the way through the town we stopped at a house where a nice young man told us the gas station was closed but offered us cold water and a place to rest. We took the water and decided to rest under the pavillion near the house. After our little nap the boy came out and brought us apples. It was nice, rest, fruit, and the peace of mind that our support vehicle was close. 56 miles traveled and rest taken we continued on. the next town was only 5 miles away and as soon as we rode up they had closed, locking the door. After 5 minutes of trying to get the soda machine to take our dollar bills a gentleman outside went through the back and got the shop owner to sell us some cold beverages. When we returned to our bikes our rescue was there. It was great to see laci, karen, and poppa. Not only cuz they missed us but because that meant we got through the desert and now we can ride with a lot less weight. Well that all for now!

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