Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 7, 2008

Hey everyone,

Yesterday was kind of a rough day but it was once again a beautiful one. It was a later start because a few people from the campground we were staying at were going to ride part way up the mountain. At 7am we started our 46 mile uphill journey. the climb was so gradual that it almost felt like flats. although the ride was fairly easy i was not feeling well. I woke up sick to my stomach with a headache. There was no way i wasn't climbing that mountain. when i was about 5 miles from the top it began to storm and was 47 degrees outside. I refused to get into the car i had to ride through it. Randy was behind me a few miles and waiting it out and fixing his flat. after riding 4 miles through the rain and cold i was soaked and frozen to the bone. Already feeling sick and now wrapped in a blanking shaking i was not gonna be able to make that last mile to the top. So after randy caught up we went to the top and took pictures at 10,222 feet. After arriving to our destination we got showers and went to dinner with jerry and lori.

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Gwen&Caleb said...

Sounds like you are seeing absolutely beautiful sites, can't wait to see the scrapbook on this one!! We are continuing to pray for you and thinking about you as you will be without your buddy soon.