Monday, July 21, 2008

July 19-20

Well the journey has become challenging. Yes, the hills were hard and it was hot across the desert but i don't think anything hits harder than the humidity. The past few days have been harder than some mountains, today it was 105 and very humid. I said to laci and Karen that i think I sweat more in the past two days than Randy and i did all the way across the west. Everyday we make progress whether it be through raising awareness or funds for the Foundation but there are those days when i think about how much of a struggle the heat can be. When i have those thoughts i think to myself that no matter how hard the struggle it doesn't compare to the struggle of those I am riding for. I thank you all for your support and as we get closer to home a look forward to seeing you all! We ended our day east of St. Louis, MO today but i can't yet tell you where we will be tomorrow because i have not yet picked up an Illinois state map. Pictures are coming(please comment on them).

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