Wednesday, July 2, 2008

June 28, 2008 - Ah!

Hey Everyone,

Today Randy and I got an early start to beat the heat and start our journey off the adventure cycling route hoping for a flatter ride with more services. Well, We started early but, didn't really beat the heat! seems like the earlier we start the earlier the sun comes up. After 26 miles we came to a stop called majors station, this was just like a bar/motel/restaurant. They are all over (well ever so many hundred miles). after this 26 miles start we found out that the town we were headed for was actually 75 more miles away. We rode 108 miles against the wind on one of the hottest days we've hit riding. We made it into town after dark with no idea where we were going to stay. we rode past what looked worse than going to jail and then stubled upon a place that didnt look great but was! It was the last place in town with a room and it was something not to be judged by its cover. We were exhausted and it was too late to get food so with no supper we went to bed after an oatmeal raisin cookie and a soda. Tough day...

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Coach Kurt said...

WOW!! (June 28 update)I certainly hope the most difficult part of your trek is behind you now!Lets all pray the wind is only at your back and what ever you need is right in front of you. Happy fourth of July.