Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 6, 2008

Today we still got an early start after our long ride yesterday and we traveled another 84 miles from Blanding, UT to Dolores, CO. Today wasn't necessarily a bad ride but it was kind of difficult. I was kind of tired and the whole day consisted of small hills but it was up and down all day. the temperature was ok but did get hot toward the last 13 miles. Overall we climbed a total of 3600 vertical feet. Im feeling alright but i'm ready for bed. we have a 10,000 ft. mountain to climb up tomorrow which will be another 75 miles and then we can head downhill. I look forward to telling you about tomorrow because i should be talking to some people here at the campground in the morning about the trip!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Again!
Glad to hear all is well & you are really enjoying the scenery! Just think, you are almost 1/2 way home!
Be safe & Take Care,