Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 5, 2008

Today we traveled from Torrey, UT to Blanding, UT and rode 96 miles. It was a long day but one of the most beautiful rides we've had so far. A lot of it was downhill but through a very beautiful canyon that was previously inhabited by indians. It was loaded with trees and there was even a real river. Most rivers and creeks we've seen have been dried up without a drop of water. We are still traveling with Jerry and Lori and things are good. Although the ride is good it has been difficult trying to raise donations for the foundations due to the small populations. Colorado to Erie, PA should bring some media and attention due to larger populations but I am asking that everyone pass on the blog site to everyone they know. Tell them what we are doing and encourage them to help in some way. It has been difficult to travel across hot barren desserts without service and not get much response. Just keeps us in your prayers as randy leaves friday for Erie.

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Melanie said...

Keep your chin up! What you are going is important and your resolution impressive. Praying for you all the time. Love ya lots and miss you bunches!
Aunt Mellie (oh yeah, and Gus!)

PS- Mamma would post but you know she has not a clue how to! LOL.