Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 9, 2008- Telluride to montrose

Today was a wonderful day once the sun came out. Our ride began with a long decent though and it was shaded and 42 degrees. all of us were frozen by the time we hit the first place to stop for breakfast. Randy and Jerry both ordered 1 pancake. The pancake was like 14 inches in diameter and a 1/2" thick. It was like 4 pancakes in one. After this we had a 13 mile climb up to 8990ft and from there we had a nice 6-8 miles downhill into our lunch spot. After lunch we had 26 miles to go and it was hot. The ride was supposed to be flat and it was but there was a 15-20mph headwind. After the ride we started heading towards denver where Randy will be flying out of friday. We will be meeting with multiple groups here in denver and hope for this to be the most promising and beneficial state that we will be traveling through. Thank you for all your support. Pictures are coming i promise!

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