Thursday, July 24, 2008

July 23-24

hey everyone yesterday was a good day! We had my bike repaired in the morning in evansville, IN and then spent some time updating the site and responding to emails. we rode a short ride of 30 miles to a campground in hoosier national forest. it was one of the best campsites yet. it was in the woods and separated from others.

Today wasn't as nice as yesterday. It's was a little warmer but the humidity was a lot lower. We are in Frankfort, KY where we will be meeting with staff from Asbury College. This will be an opportunity to spread the word and reach another wide group of people through the schools website and newspaper. I hope to have some more pictures posted either tonight or tomorrow morning. We will be visiting Daniel Boone's burial site tonight so i should have some pictures of that too! Also if anyone reading this rides, Illinois and Indiana have been nothing but rolling hills all the way through into Kentucky. The thighs are burning but we are doing it. Thanks again for all your support!

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