Saturday, July 19, 2008

July 17-18

Hey everyone,

From what I hear there is a lot going on back there with the Kanzius research. I hope that my pictures were sufficient for now, there are more coming i promise! The past two days have been long, hot, and tiring but we're getting along and covering ground. We will make it to Kansas City today, July 19th. From there we will be heading to St. Louis and then its north toward home. Can't wait to see everyone and tell you all about our trip. I will be posting another blog along with some pictures this evening for you all to comment on. Thanks again for all your support! Also check out


randy said...

Keep up the hard work! Soon you will be in school wishing you were riding instead of studying! I rode 95 miles yesterday-no wind, no hills, no panniers. What fun is that?

Anonymous said...

Keep going. You're over halfway there. There was an article about John Kanzius and his research on 20 20 or one of those shows today. It was interesting to hear exactly how his method works. I'm proud of you all. God bless. You're in my prayers.

Chris Burlingame

Harold said...

Hey there Zach,
It is fun following your progress and I am really proud of you and what you are doing.
I rode yesterday in the tour de west county for the Lance Armstrong foundation and it was a beautiful ride throughout west Erie County.
You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.
Harold Blair