Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July 16, 2008

Today we began our ride when it was somewhat cool but humid because of the rain the night before. From the start the ride wasn't all that great. The wind blew all day right at our faces 15-20mph. We rode from eads to tribune with Jerry and Lori. We stopped at Karen's Kitchen for lunch and then went next store to the drug store for a shake. We had chocolate, peanut butter, banana milkshakes that were amazing. After our shakes we parted ways with Jerry and Lori and continued on to Scott City. The AC in the truck is currently not operating. Tomorrow we are going to try and head east on 96 as far as possibly but we have to wait for the truck to be repaired in the morning. We hope to make it to Ness City or Rush Center. Pictures are on their way, I hope you like them!

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